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About Us

SOS Parkland (“Secure Our Schools – Parkland”) is a group of concerned citizens in Parkland, FL and the surrounding area that have come together with exactly one goal… to take meaningful action to improve the security of every school in our nation, starting with the schools located in Parkland, including: Marjory Stoneman Douglas High, Westglades Middle, Park Trails Elementary, Heron Heights Elementary, and Riverglades Elementary. To support our mission and to raise funds, we have formed a Florida Not-for-Profit corporation called SOS Parkland, Inc.

SOS Parkland is completely nonpartisan and therefore has absolutely no political agenda. In fact we are proud to have supporters that fall at all points on the political spectrum, but, as a group, we never discuss political affiliation.

Our Plan

  • Work with law enforcement, school principals, staff, and teachers to consider the recommendations of the security consultant and determine the best course of action to secure our schools
  • Determine a budget for implementing the recommendations
  • Secure donations of materials and labor wherever feasible
  • Fundraise via local donations and sponsorships
  • Fund the approved and recommended security initiatives via the school parent/teacher groups that are set up in each school and secure our schools
  • Take what we learn with our effort in Parkland to other local communities in order to assist them in securing their neighborhood schools