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The district has finally given approval for ballistic shielding to be added if private funding will pay for it. We are very happy to announce that we will be cutting a check to Park Trails PTA tomorrow to help fund this effort which can commence immediately.  This is only the first phase for Park Trails and Westglades is ready to begin as well. We look forward to working with other schools to provide the same.

With the approval of the the first phase of ballistic protection, we can finally start putting our monetary donations to work. That said  we have not gotten nearly enough cash donations to fully protect even one of the five public schools in Parkland, never mind all of them. We still require about $200,000 to complete this portion of the security measures. This may sound like a lot of money, but if every parent in Parkland made even a modest donation, this could be raise easily!

In addition to monetary donations, we have received equipment donations which have yet to be accepted by the school board. We truly hope they will accept the donations that we have worked so hard to get and our vendor contacts have so generously offered. Many people have asked what the hold up is since we had offers of equipment donations months ago. Unfortunately, we do not have an answer because we are at the mercy of the current school board to allow us to pass along the donations.

We will continue to work on getting all of the needed security measures approved and implemented, but we need the help of the whole community to raise the money needed to pay for the items that have not been donated.