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NOTE: As of 4/12/19, a few more tickets have been made available for this sold out event.
Please Click “Contact” above and let us know that you are interested and how many tickets you will need.

We have exciting news to announce – SOS Parkland’s next fundraiser will be held at Regina’s Farm this April 27th.  Those of you who have heard of Regina’s Farm know that it is extremely hard to get a reservation and if you tried now, you wouldn’t get in until Spring 2020!  Well, SOS Parkland invites you to a private event to be held at their farm for a special dinner that is one of a kind.  Dinner is served outside in the middle of their farm and is one of the most unique nights out you will ever experience in South Florida.  Regina’s Brazilian heritage and passion for food is evident in every part of this multi-course, all you can eat meal – and don’t pass up the pao de queijo (Cheese Bread)!

The environment is extremely kid friendly so what a great way to spend a Saturday night with your family and other Parkland families enjoying a hard to get reservation at Regina’s.  What’s even better is that Regina’s is a non-profit organization that gives back to the community so all of our event proceeds are going to SOS Parkland and their proceeds will go to other local charities.

Space is extremely limited so we encourage you to book your ticket as soon as possible! Be aware that your reservation is not logged until payment is received so, if the event is almost sold out when you register, we strongly recommend you pay via PayPal.

Please visit Regina’s website at for more information about the location.

April 27, 2019 5:30-9:30
Regina’s Farm
1101 Middle ST, Fort Lauderdale, FL​